Thursday, January 17, 2013


Srikanth is my son in law because Meghna he married
Don’t know whether he did right or wrong or he should have tarried
The question whether to marry he should have parried
So that the problems of marriage he need not have carried

He lives with Megi in Goteborg cold and foggy
After marriage he does not feel dull and groggy
Because Megi squeaks and wears a pyjama  froggy froggy
He is now grappling with Sweden’s pedagogy

He studied for something that is wireless and not tangible
Now he is stuck with something in the mobile and imperceptible
One does not know how it can be made perfectible
What we cannot see and cannot be retractable

Born in January the eighteenth nineteen eighty two
Today is his one more birthday at thirty two
Birthdays come and go quietly and this one too
It is time to retrospect of years gone with gratitude

He is seen always in T shirt and long shorts
It looks odd and out of sorts
Sometimes he wears a shirt and trousers
Maybe he is uncomfortable in the formals

It is also time to look forward to the future life
Hopefully it is full of positive hope and less of strife
Now is the time that has become ripe
To make reality dreams dreamt in the meanwhile

God Bless you Srikanth make your life plain and simple
With Megi along with you happily life will pass in a twinkle

Aruna and Ravi

Saturday, January 12, 2013

When you are born, you are a blob and breathing you try
Then you are pulled out, see the world and aloud you cry
To be in this world for joy or sorrow you do not know
This you come to know by and by as you grow.
Early days are play and school full of fun. You soon turn ten.
Then you feel that you are grown up or so you pretend
With the voice breaking and cheeks showing the delicate beard
It feels good to be tall, strapping and with a spring in your tread
Soon you are in college, acquiring useless degrees before twenty
Then the race for job begins and makes you another rat
Searching for the cheese that keeps moving
and always the further one looks attractive and fat
One enters the life’s grind and you are asked to “settle down”
Looking forward to the event, knowing it will be a meltdown.
Marriage being a triumph of hope over experience
Therefore one needs to tackle it with perseverance
Before long, one realises that one has quickly turned thirty
So you give up, reconcile to life that has turned predictable and quirky
Middle age comes with a middle spread as you turn forty
Kids become immediate responsibility so you turn tarty
Your children grow up rebellious yet charming as you turn fifty
Busy riding life’s roller coaster, you never know
How ten years of life time passed, what a pity!
By now your wife rules your life and tells you not to have a say
As the children eke out their life’s new path way
Another ten years pass by and you are quickly at sixty
By then you are battling diabetes, BP and your body turns rickety.
Through disappointments, sorrows, happiness and success you stumble
All this is designed by Him to make you feel humble
Life is so fragile and short you feel and now it is time to reflect
After all, in life’s journey one cannot be complete and perfect
With time in your hands one does not know what to do with oneself
My dears cultivate friends, be spiritual and be a detached self.
Have little possessions, help a needy, be social, yet aloof
You came alone into this world and go alone
All others you know stay back and remain when you are gone
Love yourself and pass on that love while you are alive
Let people remember you as a life spent worthwhile
Having done your duty to the best of your ability
Wait for His call knowing one’s journey is transitory

Monday, November 12, 2012

13th November 2012

Today is Megi’s & Srikanth’s Marriage Anniversary
Sadly, she is out of Indian territory.
We miss her a lot but are reluctant to cry
For that is Life !  And we let out a long sigh!
What could you do when she has gone so far away,
But to wish her happiness and to God you pray.
That she is with Srikanth is a solace
Seeing how he and she have coalesced
Anniversaries may come and Anniversaries may go
All misunderstanding with each other one should forego
For Life is a continuous journey and not a destination
In it one has to traverse with humble supplication
One needs to traverse Life’s hills and valleys
Without having to hate anyone or to have malice
One meets all kinds of people all over the planet
That broadens your horizon and makes one tolerant
Megi, how you have changed in this one year !
Now think we unnecessarily had this fear
That you have to adjust with Srikanth when not so near
Srikanth has been patient, kind and understanding
His goatee beard notwithstanding
Given that he is a good cook, very fastidious
Megi does not have to eat yellow rice that’s monotonous
We hope that they will get along for many years together
As long as they decide not to bother each other
For that is the secret of successful married life
Give each other elbow space and to avoid strife
God give Megi and Srikanth the best of coming years
Happy Wedding anniversary to both of you
May God’s Blessings and our good wishes always stand in queue.

Mamma & Pappa

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Maanasi my Daughter
Reminiscences on her 31st Birthday

I had a small tiny little daughter named Maanasi
Who grew up to what I did not fancy
Before she was born her name was decided
A name which Maneka Gandhi had not provided
Such a tiny little thing who would cradle in my arms
Now scolding me she has no qualms
She would always cling to me when small
Now she now breezes in and out like a squall
Before you could say how are you? or Hai
She would have exited with a Bye Bye.
Young and gawky with buck tooth in school
We never thought she would grow up so cool
Her mother cursed her one year long
Because her nightlong crying would not stop
And till morning prolong
Her poor mother suffered her torture for a long time
Till her granny fascinated her with stories and mime
Her nursery school was a tragic disaster
Put her in, she would pop out like bread out of a toaster
For us taking her there was a torture
She would cry to all the aunties to save her
She was quick to learn ABCD, her grasp considerable
That did not translate into any degree(s) formidable.

Four years later I had a daughter named Meghna
Maanasi thought she would be eventually sent away
to some place in Botswana or Ghana 
With all the play and frolic in school she did perform
But that only lead her to getting into B.Com
She got into a job there after that paid her very measly
So she did not have enough to spend profusely
Now she earns a lot more than she can spend
Advising her on Savings is futile which I do not intend
She married Prashanth out of her choice
To disagree to her would be foolish and unwise
But it turned out that her choice was bang on and right
It is good that we gave up without much of a fight
How time flies and waits for none in a twinkle of an eye
I am sixty and today she turns thirty one, my mango pie.
May God bless her life with all Joy and Happiness
Let her joi de vivre overcome all Life’s skewed craziness
We are lucky to have you my daughter
We are proud to be your mother and father.

This was before Megi.
How happy we look!!!

Ravi and Aruna

Saturday, May 26, 2012


In your search for Silence as a quest
Arogyadhama’s vast open expanse is in its best
Here you can see rich Nature’s beauty unfold
More precious than the unwanted, expensive gold.
There are troughs and valleys abound
But it is the Silence of the Self that surround
So silent, that if you even whisper
You feel that God may be able to hear
You wake up with the chirping birds’ song
Now you know what you missed all along
You see nature dressed in its green finery
There cannot be a more pleasing imagery
Wandering through mango orchards and coconut palms
Very tempting and yet a visual balm
If you think Divine force made this macrocosm
To know Him one should immerse in this microcosm
As one wanders absorbed in His creation
One feels so infinitesimal in introspection
For, you are only a microscopic part of the unfathomed
Scope and purpose of which humans cannot comprehend

If man continues to be short sighted and exploits her
Don’t underestimate Nature. She will have the last laugh
It is better to be in sync with Nature’s cold logic
Or else you may end up as a mental paraplegic
Nature has its own slow but sure process
The loser is only one that its rules trespasses

Care and respect Nature as if she is your mother
She will caress you like you are her favourite son or daughter
Hug a Tree as if she
is your mother


Friday, May 25, 2012

Parody on my Yoga Retreat

Arogyadhama has a two week course in Yoga
But for me it was like an unending Yugaaaa.
The schedule drawn is so packed and tight
That you have to cope with all your patience and might
In the system of Yoga are we are taught aasanas
They are supposed to overcome all your vyasanaas
They have an aasana for every possible disease
Provided your pockets are deep and at ease
My treatment included drinking dashamoola arishta
I am sure Dhanwantari concocted it, not Vasishta
The food provided was pretty atrocious
Now don’t provoke me to say anything malicious
Rotis were rubbery and you end up with broken dentures
Eating them is an experience pretty adventurous
The other food items are insipid and ‘Satvic’
Somehow I feel that my condition was pathetic
You are caught and feel like you are in jail.
Here you cannot do anything but silently wail
Perhaps this their way to make you meditate
About what you brought upon yourself as fate
Wify is happy that she got you into this mess
Because: now your complaints will be less and less.

Every session starts and ends with a Prayer
So that your ego can be peeled layer by layer
5.30 every morning is the time for Om meditation
Claim is that by this practice you can master levitation.
I for one proceed with incredulous trepidation
Whether such claims are backed by experimentation
Morning to evening you produce sounds---
Aaaaaaa Oooooo Mmmmmmmm Oommmmm --OOMMMM
Forgetting temporarily what and where you are from.
That my friends, is called the Naada Pranava
Our seers said that from that sound life started de novo.

Then you perform pranayama called Bhramari
That emanates sounds more like a disturbed honey bee
All you do is here is meditate and relax
So that, when you come out: you chillax.

You learn to meditate on technique Pranayama
Gradually you will overcome all past trauma
In mind-ful Sound Resonance Technique you lie supine
Till you mentally dissolve and become one with the Divine.
If your mind is not in line with Cosmic resonance
You will never get to know the Creator’s presence
If your wave length does not resonate with that of the Divine
You may fall asleep as you lie in horizontal incline
Some drift off as they find it pretty boring
Soon you will hear them loudly snoring
Maybe there are benefits from Yoga in the long term
But now you have no choice but to contort, toss and turn
To overcome all your suppressed emotions
Yoga is a One Stop mother of all solutions
Though it all sounds like a self imposed conscription
I bet you that to improve yourself this is the prescription
To all those who wish to live and let live, Yoga is recommended
For that they need to keep their daily activities suspended
I hope people will learn from my wonderful saga
Take a considered decision, or go to Kasi or Prayaga
This is Real reeeeeelaaaaaxation

Friday, May 11, 2012

Look at all the flowers of different hue
Some are red, yellow and some are blue
Why God made them so beautiful I do not know
Birds and bees suck their nectar as they glow
They flower in a particular season
Nature must be having a specific reason
Your day is brightened by a small periwinkle
Your eyes bright up with a smile and a twinkle
They look best when on the plants permanent
Nature has its way of beautifying the firmament
White flower symbolises peace, the red rose love
Pleasing when many of them flood the flowery grove
Flowers are used for every occasion
Love, adornment, interment or any celebration
For girls heart to melt without much persuasion
Use the flower bouquet for love’s culmination
The flower is a symbol of woman and sacrifice
To perpetuate the specie and that to it is suffice
It uses the wind, bees and the birds for propagation
So that the pollen end up in consummation
It turns into a seed small yet fecund
Nature’s ways are too mysterious to comprehend
When your relationships sour and you want it better
Mend it with the power of the flower