Thursday, January 17, 2013


Srikanth is my son in law because Meghna he married
Don’t know whether he did right or wrong or he should have tarried
The question whether to marry he should have parried
So that the problems of marriage he need not have carried

He lives with Megi in Goteborg cold and foggy
After marriage he does not feel dull and groggy
Because Megi squeaks and wears a pyjama  froggy froggy
He is now grappling with Sweden’s pedagogy

He studied for something that is wireless and not tangible
Now he is stuck with something in the mobile and imperceptible
One does not know how it can be made perfectible
What we cannot see and cannot be retractable

Born in January the eighteenth nineteen eighty two
Today is his one more birthday at thirty two
Birthdays come and go quietly and this one too
It is time to retrospect of years gone with gratitude

He is seen always in T shirt and long shorts
It looks odd and out of sorts
Sometimes he wears a shirt and trousers
Maybe he is uncomfortable in the formals

It is also time to look forward to the future life
Hopefully it is full of positive hope and less of strife
Now is the time that has become ripe
To make reality dreams dreamt in the meanwhile

God Bless you Srikanth make your life plain and simple
With Megi along with you happily life will pass in a twinkle

Aruna and Ravi

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